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New Admission-2021-22

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New Session Begins from April 2021 for Classes-I to XII

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WELCOME TO Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu

Welcome to Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu, an institution where learning is a life time experience.



Jammu Sanskriti School is committed to the facilitation of human growth and upliftment, by offering to young minds, perennial sources of knowledge – knowledge that dispels darkness.  It is the culmination of the vision & mission of its Principal Cum Vice Chairperson Mrs. Rohini Aima to merge the finest educational practices with real life experiences. A lot of thought has been put in thought has been put in towards the creation of this beautiful and serene campus, free from the pressure of urban life.

We invision Jammu Sanskriti institution as a catalyst for developing educated, self reliant, confident, empathetic, engaged individuals whose collective energy will be the driving force for prosperity and the quality of life in our diverse communities of rural/suburban as well as urban areas.

Jammu Sanskriti School is founded by its chairman Mr. Harpreet Singh under the Taran Educational Trust.

The story of human progress in actually through the progress of knowledge. The cultivation of knowledge requires one to be curious and able to be a keen observer & logical thinker. Jammu Saskriti is an institution which provides quality education with modern techniques and innovative learning yet Keeping the foundation and tradition strong.  We engage ourselves in learning, researching, designing and developing the personality of an individual to help the nation towards self reliance. We focus on bringing self belief in a child & keep exploring new ways to enhance those skills by following 4E’s ideology - Engage, Educate, Encourage and Excel. Jammu Sanskriti School has been established under the aegis of Taran Educational Trust.

Facilities Available

  • Well Qualified Teachers
  • Canteen with Hygienic and well balanced food
  • Neat & Clear surroundings
  • Art & Craft activities
  • Computer Lab
  • Vast collection books for library
  • No corporal punishments
  • Play-way technique of imparting education
  • Music & dance classes
  • Regular integrating Medical check-ups
  • Skill enhancement activities
  • Ample amount of free surface area

Future Prospectus

  • The school society plans to upgrade the classes to higher levels gradually. We are senior secondary school. There is a proposition of taking the school to further success storey by promoting it to the level of Degree College eventually.
  • The school continues to function with the same sense of dedication, humility and selfless service with which it was founded. Needless to say, the school today is reputed for its academics developing the all round personality of the students.

Pupil's Code of Conduct

  • Discipline, the essence of life is inevitable for the success of an organization. It costs nothing but pays rich in dividends. A school is one place where the seeds of the discipline are sown in a child. Here, at JAMMU SANSKRITI SCHOOL, we make every possible effort to make our students imbibe this precious virtue as an integral part of their personality. So as a part of this prestigious institution, it becomes obligatory on the part of every student to adhere to the rules and regulations of the school.

Guidelines for Parents

  • The school cannot achieve its objective of imparting quality education unless the parents extend their willing co-operation. The early years of the child are the most formative ones and only the co-operative efforts of both the teachers and the parents can help children to cultivate healthy habits and disciplined in life.
  • Co-operate with school in enforcing regularity and discipline in the children so that they prepare their lessons at home and take active interest in the activities of the school